Glossary of Technical Terms for Website

AIO — All In One. An MFP (Multi Function Printer/Product/Peripheral), that includes some or all of the following functions:
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Copier
  • Fax
  • Media card readers
  • Hard disk

AES — Advanced Encryption Standard

API — Application Programming Interface

Apple Bonjour — An Apple Computer networking software tool

ASIC — Application Specific Integrated Circuit

ASSP — Application Specific Standard Part

BOM — Bill of Materials

BPP — Bits per Pixel

CMYK — Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black

Contone — Short for Continuous Tone, 8-bit per pixel per color plane printing

CPU — Central Processing Unit

FTP — File Transfer Protocol

GDI — Graphical Device Interface

GRP — Graphics Rendering Processor — Hardware acceleration engine that generates pixel rasters from a display list.

GRS — Graphics Rendering Services

Halftone — A process to represent a large range of gray levels. 

HTTP — Hypertext Transfer Protocol

HP Web JetAdmin — An HP enterprise management tool for printing devices that is accessed through a standard Web browser.

IP — Intellectual Property

IPP — Internet Printing Protocol

IPV4/IPV6 — Internet Protocol addressing version4 and version6

Kerberos — A computer network authentication protocol

NEST - Novell Embedded Systems Technology

OEM — Original Equipment Manufacturer.

PCL — An industry standard page description language originally specified by Hewlett Packard

PCL5C — An industry-standard color page description language

PCL5E — An industry-standard monochrome page description language

PCL-XL — A color-capable page description language

PCL6 — A language package that contains PCL5E (monochrome printers) or PCL5C (color printers) and PCL-XL.

PDL — Page Description Language — A language to describe the content of a page.  PCL, PostScript and XPS are examples of a standard PDL.

PDF — Portable Document Format

Pixel — Short for picture element, using the common abbreviation "pix" for "picture"

PJL — Printer Job Language

PKI — Public Key Infrastructure

PKINIT — An Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for "Public Key Cryptography for Initial Authentication in Kerberos."

PnP-X — Plug and Play Extensions for Windows

PostScript(R) — An industry standard page description language licensed by Adobe Systems.

PSIP — Peerless Systems Imaging Products

PVC — Print Engine Video Controller. 

QuickPrint(R) — Trademark for Peerless?f family of graphics coprocessor ASICs,aka QP.

SoC — System on a Chip

SDK — Software Development Kit

SNMP — Simple Network Management Protocol

UPnP — Universal Plug and Play

WSD — Web Services for Devices in Microsoft Vista

XML — eXtensible Markup Language

XPS — XML Paper Specification

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